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Services for property advertisers:

• Travelers to New York City will readily find Furnished New York on most search engines
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Some of whom we help:

Corporate Clients – can access an inventory of temporary furnished rentals in the New York City including condos, townhouses, apartments and single-family homes, each in residential settings with the city
Traveling for Personal reasons – it doesn’t matter the motivation for seeking temporary accommodations. You need an attractive and comfortable place to stay while you’re in New York, maybe it’s an extended family visit or researching and testing the waters before committing to a new location or a long vacation or a medical requirement, whatever the reason we’ve got you covered.
Insurance necessitated housing Those repairs your family is facing are just too great to allow you to stay in your home. Make sure your insurance representative uses the resources of Furnished New York to help you find temporary housing that reduces the imposition on your family and puts you in a residence close to your home and one that can come close to matching your current home’s amenities.  
Nurse Housing – your willingness to serve individuals needing medical care has put you on the list of those who will travel beyond their home territory to serve where needed. When duty calls and your travels involve a temporary relocation to New York, you have an opportunity to find that home away from home at a reasonable rate and in a residential setting near your work.
Under Construction – In transition because you are awaiting the completion of your new home or major improvement work?  You can find a place to call home during this period right here. Use our search engine to find the property that works for you and your family